UV Flashlight – Pets Beware! This Gadget Shows Where You’re Peeing in the Carpet

Pets Beware! This gadget will show where you’ve been peeing in the house. You can run but you can’t hide from your keepers discovering where you were naughty and peeing in the carpet is naughty.

The UV Flashlight Urine Detector will let you find your furry friends naughty little urine spots fast and easier than ever before.

Pet Owners Listen Up! You’ll become a super sleuth at finding these little spots left on your carpet by your dog or cat. Its almost impossible to see the spots without the Sherlock Hones super duper ultra violet flashlight to help you mark the spot.

urine detector

Urine Detector

This ultra violet flashlight has 21 powerful LED light bulbs that make it easy to find the urine spots left behind by your pets.

It is the dried salt in the urine that turn to crystals that light up under this amazingly powerful UV Flashlight by Sherlock Hones. Look to dried urine spots, left in your carpeting when you were unaware. The wet spots you cannot see with the flashlight, yet since the salt in the urine has not dried to crystals. Look around, I bet you’ll find spots you never knew were there.

Its important to note than not all UV Flashlights are the same. This one really does work and is 10x more powerful than others. And its like 100x more powerful than the 9 LED or 12 LED flashlights. Don’t take our word for it, pick one up and test it out for yourself. If you don’t think it works and works well, send it back. We have your back and will cover it, but we won’t have too since this is a tested and found to be a exceptional performance tool.

Get your Urine Finder, today!


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