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Sherlock Hones Uses His Spy Cam Pen In The Winged Bandit Caper

Sherlock Hones Uses His Spy Camera Pen In The Winged Bandit Caper!

Sherlock uses his trademark deductive reasoning skills to find the red bull burglar. A cool caper, indeed.

Sherlock Hones & The Winged Bandit

Sherlock uses his trademark deductive reasoning skills to find the red bull burglar. Every day Hones goes to work like everyone else. Has his lunch all packed in a nice easy to carry cooler. In the cooler he usually brings a sandwich, chips, fruit, a delectable dessert, and one 8 oz Red Bull. His job requires him to not only sit at his desk but go into meetings and bring information to other employees. While walking his rounds he would talk to his close friend Dawson and say a friendly good morning to the part time front desk girl Amy. During his lunch time, on a typical Tuesday, Hones noticed that his red bull was missing. He thought it was some joke pulled off by one of his buddies. So, at the end of the day he approached Dawson and did his best to convince him that he took it, and promised to trick him in return. With a serious expression on his face, Dawson told Hones that he defiantly did not go through his desk or take his red bull. At this point Hones realized someone had stolen it. That night he sat and pondered what to do, then like a light turning on he jumped on his computer and looked for spy gadgets.

Quickly, he came across a spy camera hidden in a pen. The perfect solution to finding the red bull burglar!

After Hones received the product in the mail, he placed it in his pen holder facing his chair. He held back a grin all day as to not raise any suspicion, but to say the least, he was excited. Who wouldn’t be after five days and five stolen red bulls? Hones was finally going to find out. So, that afternoon, after much anticipation, he checked the video. Not only did the red bull remain in the cooler, but no one had gone to his desk. Victor, an employee he can’t stand, was still yawning so it could of been him, or maybe it was the gimpy janitor that picks up in the mornings. This disappointment wasn’t going to stop the incomparable Sherlock Hones though. The following day he did the same thing and this time, had a longer meeting and was away from his desk more than usually. He’d find out for sure this time. Practically running back to his desk, he noticed Amy had left earlier than usually. He viewed the video and was stunned to find that it was in fact the outgoing front desk girl, Amy. No one had taken anything the day before, because she wasn’t in, being only part time.

Naturally, Amy was leaving for vacation that day, but she’ll get to come back for one heck of a surprise. Hones sure felt bad about blaming Dawson though, so he made it up to him by buying him a round of beer that night. The winged Burglar was caught and another case closed!

The End