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Sherlock Hones Spy Pen

Sherlock Hones Spy Pen Is Taking Audiences by Storm. Capturing Hidden Photos & Videos Is Elementary!

Consumers are advised by Sherlock Hones to use common sense and to respect the privacy of others when using the pen camera or any Surveillance Equipment for that matter.

Sherlock Hones Camera in Pen Rocks!

This clever spy pen is amazing. Who would think camera can be inside a ballpoint pen? How about a camera that is a video DVR camera? And takes photos too? It’s stealth. It’s hidden. It’s secret. And it can be yours!

This Camera In Pen is a fun sleuthing spy gadget. All super sleuths should/would have one in their arsenal.

This compact spy pen camera produces impressive high definition videos and high quality photos easily and cleverly concealed inside this professional and functional pen. The “Cam Pen” is an innovative all-ages spy gear gadget that is perfect for all spy-enthusiasts regardless of their age or technical proficiency.

Features: HD Camera Effects ~ Video Camcorder ~ Micro Mini DVR ~ Hidden Spy Camera:
– Video Recording: 30 frames per second, 1280*960 resolution, AVI format
– Photos: High Resolution 3264*2448 pixels, JPEG
– USB 2.0 Standard Interface, Universal Compatibility PC/MAC/Linux
– Micro SD Slot Capacity 16GB SD Memory (Includes 2GB SD Memory Card)
– Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Sherlock Hones would not be caught flat footed without his spy pen when the games afoot! Make sure your ‘locked and loaded’ with the very cool and exceptional spy pen for all your spy adventures.

There is a choice – Spy Pen with Audio & Spy Pen without Audio. That is the question!

If you want the full on audio version of the spy pen by Sherlock Hones, no worries. Our offices in Michigan can accommodate you! Just click on the button below, place your order and we will ship one to you right away.

GET YOUR SPY PEN WITH AUDIO! (Click the PayPal “Buy Now” Button Below – spy pens with audio will ship directly from our Michigan warehouse.)

If you want to take the safer route and would like a spy pen without audio, no worries! We’ve got you covered right over on Amazon, right here, right now!

GET YOU SPY PEN ON AMAZON (No audio – find out why by reading below).

Use your spy gear responsibly. Knowing the laws of the land can help keep you out of trouble when using any Spy Gear and Surveillance Equipment.

Audio Surveillance Equipment ~ Being Aware of the Laws of the Land

Notable: The Sherlock Hones Spy Pen has been intentionally re-engineered to eliminate the ability to record audio. Why? Audio surveillance recording falls under federal and many states wiretapping laws and can also be considered a violation of the Fourth Amendment of the USA.

Audio only or audio/video devices that are disguised to look like something that is not designed to record sound” could potentially get you in big trouble.

Audio Surveillance Equipment: These devices are generally prohibited by law, because they are primarily useful for the purpose of the surreptitious interception of wire, oral, or electronic communications (i.e., eavesdropping or wiretapping), such as audio only or audio/video devices that are disguised to look like something that is not designed to record sound.

For your personal protection we have chosen to create the safer Sherlock Hones Spy Pen for all spy enthusiasts. Secret agent missions should be a fun quest without threat of breaking the laws of the land.

Master Your Spy Pen Fast & Easy ==> Spy Pen Instructions & User Tips & Tricks, (PDF). An invaluable guide to have you up and running in no time.

6 Thoughts on “Spy Pen

  1. Eric Pereira on December 1, 2013 at 7:24 pm said:

    I recently bought one of your pens off Amazon but can not find the memory card,. I have tried a different card (off an Amazon Kindle) but it does not appear to fit??

    Kind regards

    Eric Pereira

    • Sherlock on March 20, 2014 at 6:30 pm said:

      If you did not get a chip then you did not get the Sherlock Hones Spy Pen. Check the back of the pen and see if there is an SH on the back, if so it is the Sherlock Hones Spy Pen. If you still have the packaging the name of the company will be on the package telling you who they are… if it does not say Sherlock Hones you got dupped. Let us know. Thanks

    • Sherlock on April 16, 2014 at 8:58 pm said:

      It was not a Sherlock Hones Spy Pen if it did not have a chip. Look to the secret mark “SH” on the back of the pen. If its not there, you got an imposter! Tell Amazon and they will fix this problem for you!

  2. Sherlock on June 16, 2014 at 8:46 pm said:

    Hello Dylan,

    We can help you solve your problem. Lets see if this works for you. If not, let us know and we can dig deeper.

    Plug your spy pen into your computer. If your on a PC click Start and click on Computer and look for the removable disk drives. Double click on the spy pen removable drive (this accesses the chip on your spy pen) and it will probably be called drive K or something like that.

    When you double click it opens up whats on the drive/chip. You should see a Photo folder, Videos folder and a time.txt file.

    Double click on the Photos Folder and you should see all the files that are the photos you’ve taken. You can click on each file to highlight that image file and simply click on the delete key on your keyboard. Do this for all the files.

    Now you want to do the same for your Videos Folder and delete those files. You can leave the time.txt file as is.

    You have just deleted and removed the photos and videos which will leave you with a freed up 2GB of memory on your chip. Now, you should be able to take videos and photos for approx an 1.5 hr of time. That is how long the charged up battery on your spy pen will last. So you’ll have more than enough room on the 2GB chip to take all the pics and videos before your fully charged spy pen needs recharging.

    And don’t forget to view your videos and photos you will need to copy them to your computer (desktop) to have your computer view them with its big gun power and programs. This way the videos are clean and not choppy and your images are clear and vivid.

    Hope this help!

    Thanks, Sherlock Hones

  3. Mike on June 18, 2014 at 5:02 pm said:

    The description says that the video is in “VI” format. Did you mean “AVI”? I’m not aware of a “VI” video format. Thanks

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