Spy Cam Pen Capers

Ideas on sleuthing are always on my mind. Sometimes peeps tell me what’s on their mind and it can be interesting what they thing they should investigate and look into… here are a couple:

By Lisa: I keep thinking of real life plausible scenarios though. Like setting up a spy cam to see who’s been getting into the fridge at night.

Or with the spy pen recording a conversation with your boss to reveal who they really are.

Unsuspecting father solves murders in the middle of the night?

An aspiring writer, who’s currently a traveling business man, wants to record peoples interaction with each other on airplanes without them knowing.

Will many people buying these products will use them for ill mannered things? No, most will want to monitor their desk at work during lunch while they are out to see who is snooping into their stuff or things like that.

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