Disappearing Inks

invisible ink pen party packInvisible Pen Party Pack!

Disappearing Ink has a very certain mysticism surrounding it!

Kids LOVE it and get most creative, instantly when given a disappearing ink pen and the super cool UV light to make that invisible message appear. Wow. Kids go nuts for this magical and mysterious instrument of excitement. And with all good reason, they should. Simply put, “its good ole’ fashion fun” to write secret messages and pass the light to their ‘best’ detective friend to reveal this private and all important message.

Young adults planning a wedding have found a great use for the invisible ink pen to mark the RSVP cards before they are mailed out to their friends. Why, you say? Because a ton of invited guests simply pop the RSVP Card that is already addressed and includes a stamp into the mail without even writing their name down. They tend to only indicated how many are coming – 1 or 2. Marking these RSVP Cards can be most useful when wanting to know who is attending your wedding.

Marking your valuables is also a sought after use for the disappearing inks. Its brilliant as nobody will notice until the UV light shines on your object and there it is, plain as day! Your mark = your property. This is very useful in a robbery when property is recovered by the police. You’ll be able to easily recover your stolen goods.

Its a simple gadget with a myriad of uses and brings much pleasure to many!

It seems to be a quintessential tool of espionage, too!

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