Invisible Ink Pen – 3-Pack Set

Invisible Ink Pens & UV Light – Fun 3-Pack

3-Pack Invisible Ink Set

3-Pack Invisible Ink Set

Kids LOVE having fun with the invisible ink pens 3-pack set. Secret messages and kid designs keep them fascinated for hours . The secret messages light up big time with the little UV Light. Its a magic time for kids.

Pink, Green, and Blue colorful invisible ink pens and the little powerful ultra violet black light set is a great toy for the kids.

Fab Features:
• Non-Toxic. Waterproof. Heat Proof. Long Lasting. Never Fades.
• Writes on Nearly All Dry Surfaces: Paper, Fabric, Skin, Glass, Wood, Plastic, Etc.
• Super Cool Ultra Violet (UV) Black Light on Keychain Lights Up the Inks Brightly and Boldly.

What’s in the Disappearing Ink Pen 3 Pack?
– 3 Brightly Colored Fluorescent Invisible Ink Pens ~ Hot Pink, Electric Blue and Minty Green Dream!
– The Super Cool Sherlock Hones UV Light on a Keychain with AG3 Button Cell Batteries Included & Already Installed.

Make an Ordinary Day, Extraordinary! Get you invisible ink 3-pack set today.


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